Meet Our Team

Our stylists are skilled in their craft with a love of
enhancing their client’s individuality.

Jen van Lienden
owner, stylist


City lights or starry nights?
While I adore starry nights in the wilderness, city lights have always warmed my soul. They put me in a sort of pleasant haze – like the dog in old cartoons who smells a hot pie on the window sill and just floats toward it all googly-eyed.

Favorite mode of transportation?
Thus far, I have never ridden in the sidecar of a moped. So I will say it’s walking. I am a very efficient walker. But, I am certain that once I have my first ride in a sidecar, that will be my new favorite.

Naps or “no rest for the wicked”?
NAPS. My very wise Oma said to me, “Take naps. All my friends who don’t take naps are dead.” I found that advice to be very impactful at the age of nine.

What brings you daily joy?
My dogs. I am thankful for those crazy beasts every single day. Sometimes I just sit on my sofa and stare at them. Sometimes I sing to them. Other times I make up voices for them and have conversations with them…

What is your favorite thing about doing hair?
At the beginning of my career, I would have said it was the hair; the creativity. But now, I say it’s the people; the conversations; the friendships.

Megan White


What about you surprises people?
I am a closet nerd. Also my fascination with all things dark and creepy.

What is something you believe strongly in?
Integrity. Respect.

Signature Dish—
My gumbo is the best in the best in the world. The best.

Who do you look up to?
My mother.

Favorite hobby?
Junking! Finding forgotten treasures and giving them a new life.

What brings you daily joy?
My son’s goofy dance moves.

Stephanie Buffkin


Cocktail of choice?
‘The Bees Knees’ Its this amazing 1920s Gin cocktail made with honey and lemon. It is best served in a fabulous martini glass with a brandied cherry as garnish. It makes me feel like I am living in the Great Gatsby.

What brings you daily joy?
Thats easy — their names are Ava, Elle and Isla. My three beautiful daughters give me my daily dose of joy. They are all so different and have such unique personalities. It makes my heart melt when my middle daughter snuggles up next to me in bed, or when my baby girls give me a spontaneous kiss in the hallway at school. And I love love love it when my teenager brings her friends over, and they sit at my kitchen counter, eat cookies and tell me all about their day.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee ~ Need that high octane caffeine immediately after getting out of bed. Actually, the smell of a freshly brewed cup is generally needed to get me OUT of bed.

Favorite quote?
I won’t think about it today ~ I’ll think about it tomorrow…. after all tomorrow is another day. ~ Scarlett O’Hara

Budget motel or luxe lodging?
Luxe Lodging for sure. No camping for this girl!

Emily Vrieling


What’s your spirit animal?
I’ve reached out to friends and they all said the same thing, “I don’t know but definitely an ocean dweller!” I’d have to agree. The ocean encapsulates my spirit.

What are your go-to tunes?
I love funky blue grass/string bands. My heart beats a little sweeter to the twang of a banjo and fiddle.

Dogs or cats?
Cats and I don’t vibe. Dogs 100%.

What brings you daily joy?
A Border Collie named Huckleberry. He has a crooked tail, freckled nose and an incredible spirit. He never leaves my side.

What is your favorite thing about doing hair?
Sure, the creativity is fun. Keeping up on trends and technique is fascinating – but the conversations and relationships built with everyone sitting in my chair keeps me in the game!


Colette Elkins


Best meal?

Cocktail of choice?
I’m a Tequlia kinda gal!

Sweet or salty?
Salty Sweet!

City lights or starry nights?
Starry Nights. There is so much magic up there.

Hiking or hotdogs?
Hotdogs! Yellow Mustard, Sauerkraut and extra Cream Cheese please!

Favorite Quote?
Wolf And Women
Some days
I am more wolf
than women
and I am still learning
how to stop apologizing
for my wild.
-Nikita Gill

New or vintage?

Best sunset?
Montana! Big Sky Country

Favorite TV show?

Who do you look up to?
My dogs! Nothing is happier everyday to do life. They live everyday to the fullest. “If we all knew how to love like a dog, this world would be perfect!” -anonymous

City, country or ‘burbs?

What is your favorite thing about doing hair?
Connecting with people and being able to give the gift of confidence, joy and empowerment is pretty freaking awesome!